Our Background

We have lived a naturally healthy lifestyle since 2 years after the high-risk pregnancy and birth of our son in 1998 when two alarming experiences occurred in about a year’s time:  Jocelyn began experiencing what she thought were diabetic symptoms and she felt a lump in her breast.   Thankfully and by God’s grace, both tests came back negative for diabetes and cancer.  As you can imagine, these experiences got our attention to finally get serious with our diet and lifestyle.  After heavily researching the effects of diet and other non-dietary factors on health, we became committed to raising our family in a more natural lifestyle. We also came to firmly believe that as parents, we needed to take control and be proactive with our family’s health and not rely so heavily on the medical “experts” and medical industry. Thus began our health journey….


In 2004, we were introduced to raw foods when Kevin decided to simply “fast on raw fruits and vegetables” (mainly in the form of fresh juices) for a couple of weeks. His amazing transformation over the course of just 3 weeks made a huge impression on Jocelyn. Not only did Kevin’s energy levels increase and many of his health issues (ie: skin blemishes, headaches) went away, but he was no longer getting sunburned – something he would easily get because of his fair skin.  Because of Jocelyn’s tendency to heavily research, she learned there was an actual name to how Kevin was eating…a RAW & LIVING FOODS DIET. This was enough to draw her in. We made the commitment to eating a high raw and living foods diet and have never regretted it since.

Jocelyn is also a Certified Raw Food Chef, Instructor and Teacher through the Living On Live Food program and was personally trained by internationally recognized writer, speaker and consultant on raw and living food, Alissa Cohen.  Due to other commitments, Jocelyn has taken a break from teaching raw food classes and workshops.  But raw foods continues to be a big part of our family’s diet!

Although we are big believers of the raw food diet, we do not agree that you have to be 100% raw or vegan to experience optimal health. 

Please refer to our Philosophy page to learn more about what we personally believe for natural health.

Our Philosophy

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