Getting Started

Getting started with ROBC is easy!  Below is a brief summary of how our group works.

      There are no membership dues or minimum commitment levels to join. Serious inquiries only. Please do not apply for membership if you do not plan to participate on a fairly regular basis. Members must have:

      • A valid email address to be added to our email discussion list.  This is our main form of communication for the group.
      • Access to the internet to be able to use our online ordering system to submit orders.
      Upon joining, members will automatically be added to our email list and have access to the Members Area of our website to know when and how to submit orders. Ordering deadlines vary by supplier. Below is a list of our current main vendors. 

      On average, our members save between 15% – 60% on various products through our suppliers compared to retail prices!

      * Azure Standard – organic, all natural foods & products – individual and bulk
      * Frontier Natural Products – organic, all natural foods, body care, aromatherapy, accessories – individual and bulk
      * Mountain Rose Herbs – organic herbs, spices, teas, herbal sundries – individual and bulk
      * Wilderness Family Naturals – all natural and organic coconut products, raw and health foods – individual and bulk
      * Old State Farms – organic maple syrup
      * Green Pasture – high quality food oils
      * KD Cattle Co. – 100% grass-fed beef, lamb, natural pork (quarter, half, or whole)
      * Raw Honey – local raw honey
      Payment is typically due when members pick up their orders.  There are a few orders when payment is needed ahead of time, but for the most part members do not have to pay until pick up day.

      ROBC is pleased to have several drop locations for our main supplier, Azure Standard.  Because of this, our group is structured significantly around Azure’s delivery schedule.  Orders are picked up once a month on the day Azure delivers to our drop locations. Currently, our pick up days are on a Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the drop location. Actual pick up times will vary with each drop location. A few vendors require a separate pick up day (ie: beef orders).

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