New Members: Getting Started

Since the information contained on our website and in the policies file can initially be a little overwhelming, we have decided to create a page to help new members easily get started in the group.  This page provides a general overview of the process for submitting orders, payment, and picking up orders.


  1. Upon receiving your Welcome email and a copy of the Policies file, be sure to read over the file and browse through the Members Area to get a general overview of how the group is structured and to become familiar with where various pieces of information is found.
  2. To begin ordering, view the Order Schedule to see what ordering deadlines are coming up.
  3. Whatever vendor you’re interested in ordering from, learn more about their products by visiting their website or view their online catalog.
  4. To place an order, your must first register as a new user in our Online Ordering System. Once your account is confirmed, you can begin placing orders through the ordering system.  Go to the “Ordering System” tab to learn more about the system and how to get started. 
  5. When you’re  ready to put your first order together, log-in to the ordering system and begin adding items to your cart (this pertains to all vendors except for Azure Standard).  For Azure Standard orders, you must submit your order directly with them through their website or via phone.
  6. After the order deadline, Jocelyn will lock all orders in the ordering system and then submit orders to the vendor(s). 
  7. Final invoices will be emailed to members individually after the order has been delivered and items have been verified.
  8. Pick up for all orders is once a month, typically on Azure Delivery Day.  (Refer to the “Placing Orders” tab for more info on Order Pick Up/Azure Delivery Day) .  Some orders (ie: beef) may need to picked up on a separate day from Azure.  Members will be notified of any separate pick up days.
  9. On Azure Delivery Day, Jocelyn and Drop Leaders will send email updates about the delivery and when orders will need to be picked up that day.  Exact time of pick up can vary, depending on any delays with the truck.
  10. Submit payment and pick up your order on the scheduled pick up day.  Refer to our Payment Policies (in “Submit Payment” tab) for details on submitting your payment.

 DONE!  Then you’re done until the next time you want to place another order.  🙂

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