Email List (E-list) Policies

This page explains the policies for using our email discussion list (e-list) and what information can be shared.  If you have any questions or are unsure about whether or not to email the group about a topic, please contact Jocelyn.


Our e-list is the main form of communication we have with our members. Since announcements, reminders, and updates will be sent via our e-list, members must have a valid email address, which will automatically be added to our email discussion list upon joining.  The email address that is provided on the Membership Application is what we will use to add to the e-list.  This is the only email you can use to send or receive email from the group. 

If you would like to send an email to the whole group, simply send an email to our e-list address. 
  • List email address:
  • Our e-list emails will have the following prefix in the subject line:  [gobc-list]
  • Replying to an email will reply to the SENDER, not to the group. 
  • To reply to the group, either click “reply-all” or “reply list”. Or you can also manually type our list address in the To: field
  • To Update or Unsubscribe: Email Jocelyn of any changes to your email address or if you want to unsubscribe.


What Can Be Emailed On The E-List?

We are pretty lenient when it comes to information that members share.  However, we do have some policies in place to prevent any solicitation abuse.  We have not had any problems with this in our group, but it’s still important to have policies in place to cover any issues that may unexpectedly arise. 

Here’s what can be shared:

  • Any natural health-related information (articles, links, blogs, recipes, films, etc)
  • Any homesteading, agrarian, survival, or urban farming information
  • Any health-related activism campaign information
  • Information about any extra produce or eggs you may have available from your home garden
  • Don’t hesitate to ask questions!  Many in our group are very knowledgeable in different areas of health, farming, and homesteading.
  • Health & nutrition can be very controversial.  We welcome debate, so long as it’s done in a respectful and gracious manner.
  • Product recommendations – share products that you and your family have enjoyed.
  • Services recommendations – some members maybe in search of natural health practitioners, holistic dentists, chiropractors, etc. Email the group if you’re looking for any natural health services and physicians, or if you have one you would like to recommend.
  • Off-topic posts are welcome, but please keep these to a minimum.


Promoting Your Health Business Or Farm Business:
Members that have a health business or farm business they would like to promote, please follow the policies below.

  • Only those businesses that sell natural health products, sustainably grown food, or offer holistic services can be promoted on the e-list
  • Feel free to send an email describing your business to the group, but keep it to a few times during the year.
  • If you have a multi-level marketing business, please do not use the e-list to invite members to private home parties or meetings
  • Members are welcome to contact you privately if they’re interested in hosting a home party for you or attend a meeting
  • You’re welcome to invite the group to any public event that you may be having for your business
  • Farms that offer CSA membership or attend farmers markets are welcome to notify the group of these events

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